A visit back in time to the
Antioch Baptist Church and Pink Hill School

The Antioch Baptist Church and Pink Hill School were located in the community of
Pink Hill, two miles West of Bells, Texas. The community was established in
the 1850's. A post office was located in the Soul Williams home;
or on present-day Rufus Reynolds property. The Antioch
Baptist Church was built in 1861. Shortly afterwards the school was built.
John Washburn donated five acres of land for a cemetery. Pink Hill
consisted of one grocery store which was owned by George Brown. After his store
closed, his son, Wayne Brown built a store and operated it until the 1940's.
The store changed hands several times, before closing in the 1960's.

Note the two doors on the Church.
One was for men and one for women and children.
When marriages were performed, the couple set in their horse-drawn buggie and
the preacher came out and stood on the ground and married them.

The Antioch Baptist Church has been a place of worship for the Pink Hill area
since 1860. The church then, was known as the Antioch Church of Christ.
The church began in a double-logged cabin two and 1/2 miles south of the
present location. When the church moved, the seats were made from split logs
and pegs taken from the old church building.
The acre that the church now sits on was originally donated by Josiah and
Elizabeth Washburn for the Pink Hill School. The school and church shared the

A baptism of thirty-eight took place in Choctaw Creek, in 1898.
Twenty-seven were baptized in July, 1917 and thirty-six were baptized in the
Washburn pond in 1932.

1913 photo features Willie G. Houston, top row, 3rd from right.
Pink Hill School, District No. 50. Caperton's Photo.

1916 photo, features Foy Washburn, 2nd row from bottom, 3rd from left.

Right photo is close-up of the Pink Hill School sign.
Note the power wire on the leaning pole.

The school and church were destroyed by fire in 1940. The Pink Hill School
consolidated with the Bells Schools in 1943. The Antioch Baptist Church
purchased the property for one dollar in 1949.

October 27, 2001, Antioch Baptist Church was awarded a historical marker.

Thanks to Ray Houston, Bells, TX, for sharing the above photos & info.
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